How to get Attractive Face and Hair

How to get Attractive Face and Hair

Rice is an essential meal in many Indian households. This modest cereal not only fills you up, but the water left over after boiling rice has some excellent complexion and hair advantages. In this article, I’ll share some excellent rice water applications for sparkling permanents and radiant complexion.

Cosmetic treatments always begin in our homes!


Manual beauty remedies can sometimes outperform even the most costly products. And everything that comes out of your kitchen has more than one advantage. So, I’m going to write about a comparable staple meal that works wonders for your hair and complexion. Water made from rice! This caught me off, guard. I wasn’t positive if it worked magic, but I wanted to see what it did for my complexion and hair.


The Grain

The rice water I’m referring to is not the water left over after washing the rice, but rather the water left over after cooking the rice. We always use the pressure cooker at home so there is no water waste, but after marrying into a Bengali family, I noticed they made rice differently by straining out the excess water after it was perfectly done!

Most of the time, I thought they were squandering water, which prompted me to look into how it could be used, and to my astonishment, I discovered a plethora of possibilities. And it’s been a part of my grooming regime since then, and I can tell you with certainty that it works. So keep reading to find out how you can use it and how it can assist you!



As a hair shampoo Rice water comes to relieve damaged and lackluster hair. After washing, massage the head with rice water. After 5 twinkles, wash off. Aside from making your hair silky, it enhances its control.

For effort Using rice water as an exercise therapy can help you achieve lustrous hair. Add some essential oils to rice water, then apply to damp hair and rinse.


Your hair will decide on important nutrition, resulting in a healthy and smooth appearance.

hair sanctifying motion Combine rice water with natural cleansers such as amla, Retha, or shikakai grease paint. Not only will you have clean hair without natural canvases being pulled off, but your head will also feel better.


Skin contaminations are removed by using a cleaner. Use a rice water cleanser instead of holiness milk. This easy method, practiced by many Chinese women, results in clean, purified skin that is free of pollution and stress harm. Simply soak cotton balls in rice water and carefully rub them over your face. Watch the smut and oil artwork vanish in an instant.

Skin is soothed.

Tones and calms epidermis Did you realize that rice water can improve skin tone and smoothness? It aids in the healing of acne and soothes the greenish Ness linked with pustules. It has an acidic flavor and helps to tighten the pores.


Anti-inflammatory Rice water is high in skin-loving vitamins and minerals, particularly antioxidants such as Ferulic Acid and Allantoin, which are renowned for their anti-inflammatory properties. Rice water is frequently recommended by Ayurveda translators as an effective ointment to calm off-lit skin due to its cooling and relaxing properties.


Face Brightening for Hyperpigmentation, age spots, and sun spots all dull the natural skin tone, and many of us battle to regain our lost skin texture. So the chic method to get rid of it is to apply rice water to your face. It serves to decrease the size of the pores and gives the skin a firm texture.


Hair Applications

Inositol, a protein found in rice water, can help heal damaged hair. It can reinforce the roots while also making them smooth and velvety. It also helps to regulate hair fall to some degree.

How to Apply It

For additional advantages, add a few droplets of essential oils such as rosemary, lavender, or tea tree oil painting to the rice water. After shampooing, spread the rice water over your hair and carefully blarney it for 4 to 5 minutes before washing it off with Luke tepid or chilly water. However, only use the detergent once or twice a week.

For added advantages, mix rice water into any of the hair treatments.


After three to four weeks, you should notice that your hair loss is under control. Hair becomes thicker and easier to maintain.


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